Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's required to enroll in the lifetime water heater plan?

A: There is a simple application process required to determine if you qualify. After your application has been approved, you simply sign the agreement provided by the technician at the time of installation.

Q: How long is the lifetime water heater plan agreement in effect?

A: The initial term of the agreement for standard water heaters, as well as all appliances, is 24-48 months and then continues on a "month-to-month" basis after that.

Q: What happens if I sell my home?

A: All of our agreements are completely transferable to the new home owner. When you prepare to sell your home, be certain to disclose that your home is equipped with an AWHR appliance. Please understand that if you are within the initial term of your contract, you will remain responsible for the balance of your contract plus the removal fee unless you have made arrangements with the new buyer to continue the rental agreement. If the new home buyer has agreed to enroll in the rental program, AWHR will terminate your monthly agreement and invoice and we will send an enrollment packet to the new home owner. If you are beyond your initial term and the new home owner chooses not to enroll, the water heater and/or appliance will be removed at no cost to them or you.

Q: Who owns the equipment covered under the plan?

A: All leased equipment remains the property of AWHR. The equipment is installed, maintained, serviced, repaired and replaced as required by AWHR and is covered by the low monthly fee.

Q: Can I purchase the equipment at some point?

A: AWHR's Lifetime Plan does not include a purchase option for the equipment.

My experience with your company was outstanding, the service rep went beyond with outstanding customer service.
Jerry R., Merritt Island, FL