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Wash Your Clothes Right at Home for a Low Monthly Rate

Laundry waits for no one. The hamper gets fuller every day, and sooner or later you'll be down to just your "laundry day" clothes.

But unless you have a top-of-the-line washer and dryer in good working condition, doing the laundry can be true drudgery. Using machines that are old or in disrepair can damage clothes, run up your utility bill and take hours longer than it should. And taking your clothes to the laundromat is a huge and expensive inconvenience that puts your clothes at risk from unreliable or malfunctioning washers and dryers.

The solution? Rent a washer and dryer from AWHR

We have high-quality, high-capacity and energy-efficient washers and dryers ready for delivery, and expert technicians standing by to deliver and install them. You can order online or by phone and have your new washer and dryer installed within days. Most customers receive their machines within 48 hours.

Why should I rent my washer and dryer?

Save time, money and labor

Imagine the freedom of integrating laundry with your regular household chores instead of arranging your schedule around an hours-long trip to the laundromat. No more lugging heavy bags of laundry or trying to project how much you'll need to budget each month. Your only cost will be your low monthly rental fee, which may be less than you're spending now.

No deposit is required, and there are no fees for delivery or installation

You can have a brand new washing machine and dryer with no down payment or deposit, and no delivery or installation cost. All you'll ever pay is one low monthly rental fee for the duration of your rental term. When the term is up, you can renew your rentals or let our technicians come collect the machines at no charge.

You'll never pay for repairs or replacement

Peace of mind comes standard when you rent your washer and dryer monthly. If something goes wrong with your machines, just call our customer service team at 866-675-2947 and a technician will be dispatched as quickly as possible. If the problem can't be repaired, a replacement will be arranged at no additional cost.

Types of Machines We Rent

Each of the options below features large capacities and helpful cycle selections. Even in the endless cycle of refilling hampers, you can enjoy the fact that your new washer and dryer will save you money and protect your fabrics.

Washer Rentals

3.4 cu. Ft. Top Load Washing Machine

Gas Dryer Rentals

5.9 cu. Ft. Gas Dryer

Electric Dryer Rentals

5.9 cu ft. Flat-Back Electric Dryer

Does AWHR rent in my area?

We are proud to service Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Michigan, Virginia and West Virginia.

How do I know if renting is right for me?

Renting a washer and dryer from AWHR is a stress-free way to control your monthly costs while enjoying the convenience of powerful, reliable machines right in your own home. There are all sorts of reasons why AWHR rentals may be right for you:

Wouldn't it make your life easier to have a name brand washer and dryer that work like new in the comfort of your own home?

There's no need to wait: Renting with AWHR is affordable, simple and fast -- call or apply online today and your machines will be delivered in one to two days!

Get started now – apply online!

Completing our online application is fast and easy! Just choose the products you wish to rent and enter your contact information. One of our customer service experts will contact you shortly to complete the process.

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